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- La guitarra triunfante (LMG 2160)


Recording for solo guitar based on the article of the same name by Adolfo Salazar in the newspaper El Sol (1925). The CD aims to show the four development paths on which took place the recovery of the guitar as a concert instrument in Spain around 1900: a guitar in history, the guitar composers, the guitar as inspiration and the non-guitar composers (2019).

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- Feedback 7.24 (Arsis GPD, 5253) (Arsis CD, 4253)


Recording with Terpsícore Guitar Quartet of seven pieces dedicated and premiered by them (2015). Pieces by Roberto González, Andrew York, José Antonio Chic, Antonio Ballestín, Carlo Domeniconi, Esteban Sanz y Víctor C. Rebullida.

- 5 Festival Internacional de Música Clásica Contemporánea de Lima (Perú)


Iván Davias and Raúl Viela's recording in collaboration with other artists, within the 5 FIMCC (2007).

- Música original para cuatro guitarras (Arsis, 4199)


Terpsícore Guitar Quartet’s recording with original repertoire for four guitars. Pieces composed by A. York, D. Bogdanovic, S. Rak, J. W. Duarte, F. Moreno Torroba, T. Villajos and Antonio Noguera. The two last pieces dedicated and premiered by Terpsícore (2007).

- Classical Guitar Competition “Luy Milán” - Villa de L'Ollería


Recording with Terpsícore Guitar Quartet, in collaboration with other artists, on the occasion of the First and Public Prize obtained in the II edition of the Classical Guitar Competition "Luys Milan" (2003).

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